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Project Management –Report Writing – Management Assignment Help
6–7 minutes
Assignment Task

Assessment Brief – Resit Assessment Point 1

Extenuating circumstances

Ensure you are familiar with the process for submitting a claim for extenuating circumstances. If you experience any extenuating circumstances that may have affected your ability to attempt or submit the present assignment, please follow the relevant instructions on VLE in order to submit your claim for extenuating circumstance prior to your submission deadline.

Academic misconduct including plagiarism

Ensure that you are familiar with the relevant regulations regarding academic misconduct. By submitting the present assignment, you declare that it is your own work and that the material and sources of information used, including internet sources, have been fully identified and properly acknowledged. In addition, you confirm that the presented work has not been submitted for any other assessment. You also acknowledge that the faculty reserves the right to investigate allegations of plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct which, if proven and dependent on the severity level of the offence, will result in a penalty that may affect your progress.

Learning outcomes applied in this assessment

Analyse complex projects to design and allocate defined tasks to a project team
Manage the key project variables of time, cost and quality
Use project management software to develop, implement and monitor projects


For the successful development of this assessment point you should read carefully the case study below and address clearly the following areas: resources allocated, tasks needed to achieve its aims, and then a breakdown of the project using the Project Libre – Project Management software.

Be assured, that you will address the below tasks:

Task 1: Identify the project’s stakeholders.

Task 2: Plan the project using critical path analysis, a Gantt chart and a WBS plan.

Task 3: Create a budget for the project broken down by Task and Activity.

Task 4: Create an HR plan.

Task 5: Identify the potential risks associated with this project and develop a risk analysis and management plan.

Task 6: Breakdown the project with the use of Project Libre – Project Management software,

Case Study

Kiros Slonis SA is a construction company with expertise in public and private construction projects in the medical industry. They just landed a contract to build a small 100 room – bed special purpose hospital on a local government owned plot in a residential area in the suburbs to accommodate Covid-19 patients.

The timescale of the project is defined as 6 months (26 weeks), which means that the project must be completed by December 31, 2021. The time of the delivery of the project cannot change due to the urgency of the situation and the negotiations that have occurred with local and central government authorities per the contract signed and the RFP issued. The total procurement budget for the project has been set at 10m Euros.

As such the project scope is clearly defined and the project is quite consistent and predictable. Write a business report in which the following plans should be clearly presented making use the following information/table.

Note the suggested structure for your assignment:

Introduction (500 words) – 15%

– Presentation of the project you are going to analyze.

– Possible definitions for terms relating to the question.

– What the report will include and/or leave out (scope).

– What topics the report will discuss and the order they are presented. – What methodologies and tools you will apply.

Main body (2000 words) – 55%


Kiros Slonis SA, a construction company, has recently been awarded a contract to construct a 100-room special purpose hospital in a residential area in the suburbs to accommodate Covid-19 patients. The project must be completed within 6 months with a budget of 10m Euros. The aim of this report is to identify the project’s stakeholders, allocate resources, identify potential risks, develop a risk analysis and management plan, and use project management software to plan, develop and monitor the project.

Main Body

Task 1: Identify the project’s stakeholders

The stakeholders of the project include the project sponsor, project manager, construction team, hospital staff, local government authorities, central government authorities, patients, and nearby residents.

Task 2: Plan the project using critical path analysis, a Gantt chart and a WBS plan

Critical Path Analysis (CPA) is a tool that helps to identify the most critical activities that need to be completed on time to ensure the project’s successful completion. The Gantt chart is a visual representation of the project schedule, showing tasks, durations, dependencies, and progress. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a hierarchical decomposition of the project into smaller, more manageable parts.

The following table shows the tasks, duration, dependencies, and start and finish dates for the project:

Task Duration Dependency Start Date Finish Date
Site Survey 1 week None 4/4/2021 4/11/2021
Design 3 weeks Site Survey 4/12/2021 5/2/2021
Procurement 2 weeks Design 5/3/2021 5/16/2021
Foundation 2 weeks Procurement 5/17/2021 5/30/2021
Frame 3 weeks Foundation 5/31/2021 6/20/2021
Roofing 2 weeks Frame 6/21/2021 7/4/2021
Electrical 3 weeks Roofing 7/5/2021 7/25/2021
Plumbing 2 weeks Electrical 7/26/2021 8/8/2021
HVAC 3 weeks Plumbing 8/9/2021 8/29/2021
Interior 4 weeks HVAC 8/30/2021 9/26/2021
Testing 2 weeks Interior 9/27/2021 10/10/2021
Handover 1 week Testing 10/11/2021 10/17/2021
The CPA shows that the critical path for the project is Site Survey -> Design -> Procurement -> Foundation -> Frame -> Roofing -> Electrical -> Plumbing -> HVAC -> Interior -> Testing -> Handover.

The Gantt chart and WBS plan for the project are presented in the Appendix.

Task 3: Create a budget for the project broken down by Task and Activity

The budget for the project is 10m Euros. The following table shows the budget broken down by task and activity:

| Task | Activity | Budget (Euros) |

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