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Gun Violence in the USA
Analyze a recent mass shooting which occurred in the US. Research and explain what transpired in detail and the aftermath. Research how the guns were obtained, if there were red flags before the mass shooting, the media coverage surrounding it, and the politics involved (NRA, law enforcement, and legislators).

Examine and compare, using the information acquired throughout this semester, what changes or enhancements (if any) can be made to prevent or make it more difficult for it to reoccur. What can and should we do to keep safe? Explain what measures can be taken and the most appropriate/effective way to carry them out. Elaborate your thoughts objectively and clearly. Use facts and statistical data to justify your argument.

Gun violence shapes the lives of millions of Americans every day. The debate on gun ownership goes beyond political perspective as it is increasingly taking a somber turn due to the mounting numbers of mass shootings and gun violence. Gun ownership in America is slowly becoming synonymous with a culture of violence, hate and police brutality. The city of El Paso, Texas, was last year treated to a deadly impact of gun violence when a lone white supremacist embarked on a shooting spree at the Cielo Vista Walmart Mall near its border with Mexico. The mass shooter was officially charged within the federal courts with several hate crimes, murder and breaking other public laws. A total of 22 people were killed, while 26 others were wounded. The debate surrounding this momentous mass shooting has carried a variety of dimensions. From hate crime and racism in America to lack of elaborate laws to control the acquisition and use of guns within the American populace. Regardless, the debate on mass shooting all point to a form of corruption within the American society: its government and population passivity in addressing issues of social injustice plaguing their society that perpetuate hate and violence.
Six weeks before the attack date, the 21-year-old Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas, bought a rifle and 1000 rounds of ammunition. According to researchers, it was a Romanian AK-47-style rifle, acquired through legal channels, showing that Crusius, met all the eligibility requirement (Autler, 2019). The day before the August 3rd 2019 mass shooting in El Paso, Crusius, was at his grandparent’s house in a suburb in Dallas, he took a 10-hour drive across Texas to El Paso’s Cielo Vista Walmart Mall and shortly before the mass shooting posted his manifesto on an alt-right website. Crusius termed his actions as a response towards Texas’s Hispanic invasion, in fashion style, to a March New Zealand mass shooting (Lambie, 2019). He then embarked on a mass shooting within the mall, injuring 26 people and killing a total of 22 people most of the Hispanic descent. Romo (2019) identifies that his choice of location was not random. Cielo Vista Mall was popular with Mexican tourists and shoppers as it borders Juarez’s Mexican city. He surrendered shortly after to the police confessing his part in the crime. At his latest indictment, NBC reports that Crusius was charged hate crime totaling 90-counts, and his trial for the death penalty seems to be his likely fate.
Crusius’ choice of actions and targets was intentional and directed towards a particular community based on hate ideology. His action mirror countless other mass shootings that predominate the American social fabric. Gun Violence Archives identifies mass shooting as an incident in which at least four people are killed (Silverstein, 2020). Statistical data shows that every single day of 2019, 100 people died of gun violence in America, while 200 more were critically wounded (Every Town Research Center, 2019). This is a staggering number that is not foreign to American society. According to researchers, when compared to other industrialized nations, America has the highest number of homicides by gun accounting for 73% of all homicide and while in the U.K., it is just 3% (BBC, 2019).
Additionally, since 1982, there have been 118 mass shootings in the United States, in which most killers got their guns legally (Follman, Aronsen and Pan, 2020). Silverstein (2020) states that as of 2019, they totaled 417 severe mass shootings. This is a staggering number that continues to rise each day. In part, the rise is blamed on the easy access to guns by most Americans, with limited background checks and limited state regulation. As of 2017, there were 1,470 licensed gun dealers in Dallas-Fort Worth alone (Autler, 2019). This makes guns as easily accessible to civilians in 1470 locations in a single region at any time of the day.
Gun violence is hard to control in America since it is tied to its social and political fabric. Research identifies that big gun companies such as the National Rifles Association continue to lobby congress and major politicians against gun control, while also supporting millions of Americans (BBC, 2019). There is a political stalemate that is fuelled by social and political attitudes on gun control. In findings provided by the PEW Research Center, the BBC (2019) reports that over time, there was a rising number of young people (18-year-olds to 29-year-olds) supporting gun ownership. The contrary data was for the elderly population, but since Orlando Massacre, and Trump’s election, the numbers are increasingly divisive across racial lines. In the case of Crusius, Aljazeera reports that his manifesto also featured Trump’s rhetoric on immigration by race. This is linked to Trump’s anti-Mexico immigration that dominated his campaign agenda and helped him solidify his win.
A variety of options have been proposed by both sides of the political divide to keep American communities safe from gun violence. They include banning guns, limiting a person’s access to guns, relative to an individual mental health evaluation (mostly after background tests have been conducted on the said individual). Another proposal suggests posting armed guards within the potential premise to minimize or limit the number of deaths. The latter example is normally referred to by a popular politicized phrase, “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Lee (2019) suggests that this is an American fantasy that will never be achieved and is statistically provable. On most occasions, such as the El Paso shooting, the proverbial good guy with a gun never showed up to save the day. Lee (2019) also suggests that it is highly impractical and dangerous for all stakeholders, including the “good guy.” On the contrary, the initial proposal to get rid of the gun is a constitutional improbable leaving the policy makes with only one option.
To control the process of acquisition and ownership of firearms. This would be the perfect compromise. But the NRA that benefits financially out of gun ownership rejects any form of control in gun use and ownership (BBC, 2019). This is an element of greed that is perpetuated across the American government.

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